So June is the month where we start thinking about bikini bodies, frappes and of course Father’s Day.

This is something now dear to my heart as I lost my father last year August at the mere age of 59 to heart disease.

He was a larger than life ex rugby player with a good heart… just not a healthy one. He was a typical meat and two veg kinda guy and used to mock me for my vegan lifestyle choice. Little did he know that if he had taken in what I was trying to tell him he may still be here today.

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers alongside cancer in our modern day society. What is AMAZING and what most people are unaware of is that in most cases not only is it preventable, but also totally reversible if you follow a whole food vegan diet.

Here at Chia we offer such a wide range of hot and cold drinks and food to please any palate. It’s purely a decision. One that’s very easy to make and getting even easier with most places now offering alternative milks and vegan options or menus.

Take your life in your own hands it’s something that you CAN control.


Lucy x